Through Vegan Eyes: Society

August 16, 2018



        Being fully vegan is like having X-ray vision, cutting deep into the fundamental infrastructure of everything around you. From greater economic systems, to ideals you may have once considered sound. Suddenly everything is subject to in-depth re-examining. Once you have deconstructed the programming that kept you from making the connection between animal products you once consumed and the living breathing creatures you adore and respect, suddenly you find yourself seeing symptoms of the brainwashing methods seeping through all aspects of society, and the invisible victims of the oppression as a result of these systems.         


        Advertisements, popular culture, diet trends, holidays and traditions, even social and generational pressures all constantly encouraging us to continue these detrimental habits all because of the misinformation we have been systematically fed (pun intended?) since the beginning of the agricultural revolution.. This is because animal products, and the ailments they result in, line the pockets of some of the largest national piggybanks (saddest pun ever). Commercializing their consumption is one of the most fundamental ways to ensure their best interests remain intact. This results in a massively misinformed society, and one that can be extremely troublesome for a learned fish swimming against the current.

        Imagine being plugged into the matrix, and trying to tell others who are part of the program that they can be free of the cycle of cruelty and illness if only they choose to stop taking their daily prescribed blue pill. The pill with the sugary coating that everyone has incorporated into their daily routine so thoughtlessly. The pill that makes us blind to the reality of what’s around us. This is our challenge: to find ways, however small, to wake the world up and create the momentum of change.

        At this early stage in the grand transition, however, we are still sheep among the flock. Largely misunderstood, outcast, and even scorned for our beliefs. Anytime in history a group has challenged tradition, there have been similar repercussions. These monopolies invest dubiously in campaigns to make social pariahs out of those who question the norms. This is the sludge we must trudge through on our way to reinvigorating the masses from a ground level to the unending benefits of unbiased compassion towards all living beings. To establish a system of fundamental rights that do not exclude any individual on the grounds of their species, any more than their race or otherwise. The well being of all earthlings are interconnected. If one species over-exploits it’s resources, even if those resources are another species, it will be to it’s own detriment. The Earth is trying to show us that. That is why we can measure and know that methane and carbon emissions from animal agriculture are greater than the accumulation of any other sector of consumption. We are seeing what happens when no precautions are taken.


        Restoring balance will soon be the eminent answer for human survival. To live in a society that is so far from this realization, yet so close to ignorantly becoming the cause of their own demise is a difficult reality to accept. Even more so it can be a torment to assimilate into. The comfort comes in the numbers, however under-acknowledged, the amount of individuals who have invigorated themselves with the power of this knowledge is the one comfort that we have. Society wants us to feel isolated, powerless to change. But with a sneak peak under a microscope we can see that we are anything but close to that. We are the change-makers in the flesh. Here to stand up unabashedly for justice and liberation of all beings.


        We each have a role in this delicate moment. A responsibility to do our part and embrace change from senseless and detrimental traditions. To neglect this is to deliberately contribute to the propulsion of our planet into a state of uninhabitability. We are willing to dedicate our entire beings to this cause, regardless of the social consequences.

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