August 2, 2018

Sit low to think below, frequent the underground from starlight in nothing to creation of soul, static glow to Fibonacci growth.

In a galactic show of Nebular Spectacular the vivacious expanding vibration enters the entity of human mind, blessed sound unwinds, interpreting dreams from movement before time.


Yo fam. How kick it on this fine day.

I’m here to write some words.


Lately, a deep dive into vegan activism has helped me to re-focus on other aspects of my life. It's such a rich form of self-care for me. I’ve realized that when I’m neglecting to actively pursue change by chatting around the ole’ block with some strangers, I start to go a little nuts. Not that it’s about me, that’s the whole point. But it’s such a win/win when pursuing this change also nourishes a part of your soul that otherwise goes untapped.


Every moment it seems another warrior’s hand locks onto the wheel of this ship.

Stacked and glistening, the tightness of our hold strengthens.

From this grassroots perspective, it is clear that the tides are changing. 

The truth has a way of making itself known; it gets even louder when people in eye-catching, anti-establishment masks display the most hidden of truths in a shopping mall-the most obvious of places to provide stark contrast of the reality to this illusion. To the current public view, displays such as this are sometimes seen as extreme, but the annihilation of billions of animals, destruction of our ecosystems, and constant health crises experienced by millions?

Meh, those all rank pretty low on the list of extremes.

The truth is really, really bad for business. 


With much reverence and perseverance in our hearts, we move forward. Some of us intact.

Some of us barely holding together mangled remains of our Machine-mutilated lives.


I am beginning the book “The Communist Manifesto” and feel called to share an insight.


Note: Glaucus is a divine god of the sea in Greek mythology.


“As the statue of Glaucus, which was so disfigured by time, by the seas and tempests, that it bore the resemblance rather of a wild beast than a God; so the human soul, altered in the midst of society by a thousand causes perpetually recurring, by the acquisition of a multiplicity of truths and errors, by the changes happening to the constitution of the body, and by the continual jarring of the passions, hath, if I may so speak, lost its original appearance, so as to be hardly known for the same.

Instead of a Being, acting constantly from fixed and invariable principles; instead of that celestial and majestic simplicity, impressed on it by its divine Author, we find in it only the frightful contrast of passion, mistaking itself for reason, and of understanding totally perverted.”


This beautiful reflection leads me to ponder the idea of how we are in our purest forms as infants newly brought forth into this world. As our lives continue, we grow farther and farther away from the purity and simplicity of babyhood. Of course, with this maturation comes the lovely ability to govern our lives as we see fit, learning which compasses of the mind we allow to lead us.   


As an additional commentary on that observation of the human condition, I share an insight from the prologue of quite a different read, “The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch.”


“Beyond the circuitries of our body and mind, we enter the higher dimensions of thought-form creativity and operate as One with the Eternal Mind of the I AM. For this reason, the keys are to be experienced simultaneously on all seven levels of form and Divine Form-from the subatomic, molecular, genetic, mathematical, musical, paraphysical, and the superluminal aspects of the revealing nature of the Shekinah.

The Shekinah (Divine) Presence, the feminine aspects of the Godhead, exists in all creative orderings of all dimensions, and is the Power through which we are respatialized to partake of the “virgin birth” of our embryo godself. This is the “Age of the Holy Spirit”- where the Bride and Creator become one, creating a new peoplehood of trinitized powers who are the “bearers” of a higher Christed seed unfolding life anew by virtue of this greater union that is without dualistic separation.”


I do admit to being quite unfamiliar with some of the references used in the passage, but I do say that I feel to my core the rest of the wording. I appreciate the reflection of this human’s unique connection with source in his creation of word concepts.


Do not fear the minds of the people, for they are just like ours.

The most powerful tool we have to make change is open communication with another person.

People are revolutionaries, adaptogens, catalysts; we have just forgotten this through centuries of passing numbly through Maya.

But it just so has it that our ears have heard the calls for attention.

How clearly now we see the day that we fight for.



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