July 16, 2018


This revolution is not only tangible and palatable. It is here.

Sparks of one brilliant flame fly to those dark corners of our consciousness, igniting the cognizance that is inherent in our being.

We are reborn from stillness into the chaos.

From broken contracts with the true keepers of these lands.

Our hands are coated in soil from digging out the seeds of hatred.


Surround yourself with others who recognize the beauty in the people around us.

To experience the deep appreciation for what each light worker brings to this era of humanity is profound and transformative.




The artists that invite us to experience a depth of vision not previously experienced.

Our musicians who speak from courage against systems of oppression and degradation.

Those builders who redefine what it is to live in sustainable homes and communities. 

Our speakers who give talks on issues of social justice and reform.

Our politicians like Bernie Sanders and Clifton Roberts who fight for the health of our land and economies despite being labeled extremists by the megalomania of the profiteering political elite.


When we awaken, we look at this society with disbelief and unease.

We say, "How in the fuck did we get to this ravaged state of unconscious behavior?"

Oftentimes we fall into pits of despair when we realize the magnitude of the rampant corruption within these cultures.

Sometimes we feel that because we have realized the magnitude, there is nothing we can possibly do. But just in choosing to absorb knowledge and maintain an open awareness of our strife, we begin to disarm the system.

Because they want us to be hopeless.

The corporate powers that be have equipped us with the coping mechanisms of shopping malls and substances for long enough now that our true intuitive nature has been trampled underneath our feet.

It's been beat out of us with desensitization to violence and oppression.

The love within us has been diminished by socially-rewarded apathy and cognitive dissonance.


White people are afraid of seeing their privilege for what it is.

Meat-eaters are terrified of admitting the contradictions in their ethics and values.

And who am I to call out these things as I see and feel them taking place?

Good question. And I think a proper answer lies in the obvious.

I am simply an observer of human behavior and human-environment interaction.

And because I am here, receptively observing and openly analyzing, I have words to put to concepts.

And thank you system but, no I do not in fact have to have a college degree to be capable of having my own interpretations of the society you have perpetuated and try so desperately to keep droning forward.


We literally stand on the precipice of an ecological collapse and a complete demise of all that is living, yet people remain as they have been.

Our bees. Our phytoplankton. Our rain forests. Our fresh water reservoirs.

The essential components of life are disappearing and dying right before our eyes.

We are running out of time.

But what was on Fox news last night?


Currently we are experiencing the Sixth Mass Species Extinction.

This system drowns our oceans in oil and plastic as we vacation to beaches,

seeking solace and rapid rejuvenation from our lives of wage-slavery.

But we have created Sea Shepard to spread awareness of what is happening to our oceans.

This system mutilates and murders billions of innocent individuals every year for food we don't need, and activists stand in streets to fight for the lives of future animals in solidarity.

This system allows police officers to perpetuate horrific crimes of violence against people of our OWN nation, and everyday activists speak out against racism, sexism, and negligence.

But we are learning how to take our own shit and turn it into compost baby so get ready titans of industry.

You forgot something, you depend on US for YOUR survival. All of your money multiplies as it trickles up the stream of consumerism and profiteering.


All of these movements are created by people to help other people realize that they too can change the world.


Of course they don't want us to believe we make a difference, but the truth is that each one of is a Revolutionary.


These boxes in the attic...they are filled with dusty remnants of lives lived in fear of potential, taking up space in a room that we need in this house of mankind.


We ARE all family, when we choose to be.

Keep building.


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