ReAl LiFe?

June 15, 2018

Good day to you, my sweet fam. Beautiful things are happening with our project. 

Tonight we are opening up an EcoVillage Meetup and I am starting with a spoken word to draw everyone together. We provide music for the purpose of unity and self expression; and our upcoming EP will reflect these vibes. 

We have a keyboard in the mix now, and I'm writing a new song that comes from the dark deep..I normally don't write music about my personal life. 


But currently I am being pushed in the direction of singing words from my authentic emotions and experiences, to add to our music for the Revolution. I believe this will not only add power, but pull in others that might not have otherwise felt drawn. 


I won't fib and say that being a musician is smooth sailin' even half of the time. 

I mean I don't really have an idea of what I'm doing. 

I just know that with authenticity and steadfastness all things are and will be. 

This knowledge I reflect on before I perform, although sometimes the nerves are so overwhelming that the weight on my chest gets heavier as I sing. 

I'm a procrastinator. 

I have often held myself back. 

Refused to relinquish control to the universe and kept myself in the comfortability of staying hidden. 


I have recently, I believe, had a breakthrough as a vocalist. 

A friend and I had a discussion recently about how integral it is (concerning performance especially) to become hollow, to completely surrender to the will of the universe. 

In this way, the power floods our bodies, our veins, our fingertips. 

We leave the mind, the thinking space, and become all that is around us while embracing the hyper active channel. 

In this hollowness, the depth is unequivocally explored and poured forth through the vocal cords. 


Just the thought of this weightless energetic flow and rawness of projecting our deepest gifts is both so incredibly uplifting and humbling in the same presence.


I bow my head in gratitude. 



Magnificent is this flow of perception. 

We glide between gratitude and confusion, returning to the bliss that awaits us at every turn. 


Intermittently, we get washed up onto shore. We experience an unparalleled clarity and calmness of breath, and then get caught again in the ebbing current. 

Some of us from this river are light enough to be lifted to sky as cloud, to exhale the saturation of heavy liquid molecules and become one with the rays of the sun. 

This river cannot be controlled, only navigated. 


At some points this river rages, plowing us through rock and debris, catapulting us towards the inevitable dive over the edge.  

At the apex of this river we are given back to the sea, our original life-giver. 

We return with our brethren to the cohesion of cell and vibration. 


For now, much love. -Shasta Moon 💙💙

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