June 7, 2018

Some of us are born into a life with which we have the luxury to govern. 


Some of us are not. 


Throughout man's history, we have ever so arduously been working towards the inevitable evolution of our consciousness. 

To realize our full potential. To grant freedom from oppression to all creatures of this Earth.  

To coexist in the logical harmony that is innate in our being. 


These revolutions in protection of all species can now be seen on the horizon. 

Not only glimpsed, but held in the minds eye, taken deep into the heart, and actualized in this reality. 

*     *     *     *


This short story is about a gentle spirit. 

This is the story of little Milagro. 


"His mother had been completely depleted of energy for most of her young life. 

Shortened by hardship and a blade it would be; full of sadness and confusion, it indeed was. 

She had thus far experienced the immediate loss of 4 children, 2 had been stillborn. 


Her 5th was coming any moment now. 


With previous offspring, she had tried hiding them in the corner of the pen. 

But it never worked, the cruel shadows always found her babies. 


After nine months of pregnancy and several hours of painful labor, she lay in the mud and gave birth to him. 


Milagro was birthed into the world. 


Feeling the air on his face for the first time, he basked in his mother's loving presence. Eager to bond, despite her awareness that he would be taken from her, she began licking his face clean.


Although Milagro was alive, he was very weak. It took him almost 2 hours to finally lift his head enough to nurse. 

Happy to have her baby nursing, Milagro's mother allowed herself to relax the slightest bit and drift off to a brief rest. 


Although Milagro slowly gained strength gulp by gulp into his newborn bones, it would have taken him months to become as healthy as some other calves.  


Throughout the entire damp, frigid, and wintry night Milagro's mother licked and nuzzled her baby boy. She kept him as warm as she could despite the below 20 degree weather. 


Several times he lowered his head in exhaustion, and finally could not lift it high enough to nurse. 

Although she could feel his life force leaving his body, Milagro's mother didn't cease to clean him in the night.


With all the tenderness innate in most mothers across species, she had given her baby all the love she felt as is present in a maternal bond. 

She knew the shadows would come soon, but was much too weak to stand and try to move her baby. 


Light of dawn began to cut into the night. 


Dread built up in Milagro's mother, and she dropped her head in surrender to the unfathomable despair she had now experienced 5 times in her 9 years of life in captivity. 

By the time the morning feeding came, Milagro's body was cold and stiff. 


A cruel shadow came to hover over the corpse, roughly lifted him from the ground and tossed him in a wheelbarrow. 

A discard. A byproduct. A piece of refuse to be thrown to the garbage. 


Milagro's mother used the rest of her strength to lift her swollen body to follow the wheelbarrow to the fence line, never to see or smell the sweet scent of her baby ever again." 


We love you little Milagro, and will never stop fighting. 


National Animal Rights Day fell on my birthday this year. This is the day I saw Clifton Roberts speak; the day I discovered that a political revolution of this kind already exists. 

With a pride that fills my heart, I announce to you that such a party with values of inclusion, sustainability, accountability, and compassionate intelligence is present in our reality: The Humane Party. 

Visit for mission statements and particulars :) thankyou for reading

-Shasta #veganrevolution 


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