Flight of the Phoenix

June 1, 2018

Boy I could really make like a Japanese Macaque right about now and hop up in some thermal springs, relax with my brethren, y'all down? ;P 


Forreal though for this post I'm gonna put my newest spoken word out into the etherwebs, here's the vibe: 


"My fellow Dreammakers, 

I cherish you now more than ever. 

And in my reaching out to you in this moment, I am captivated. 

You are a pillar, a ray of light, a vortex, the base of the pyramid upon which all of our structures are built. 


I have only one question that I put to you in hopes that in this inquiry I will come to better understand the position I find myself in. 

In this realm, in this space, in this time and in this place. 

I put to you- 

What is this airborne conflagration that you seek? 

Though this Revolution IS what you speak we still must turn and face this heat. 

The flames chase us round and round and because we have forgotten that we are born from ash, we fear them. 

These flames bring great change and after the landscape knows not that which it has come to be. 

This soil, this rain, this sunlight, this page. 

These connections run so deep that at times we are brought to our knees. 

In sorrow, in appreciation, it is with this grief that we weep

But does that make us weak? 


No. No. No. No. 

They cannot banish the strength of our grief. 

Their weighted net has been cast for centuries. 

Choking, constricting life of land and sea. 

I use my voice to add power to the movement, 

Momentum to our dreams! 

Within these eroded paradigms of indoctrination, the capitol consistently commits injustice in proliferation. 

But their hollow house is crumbling from the inside out. 

For WE are too many and they are too few. 

WE have the abundance of intellectual diversity in this hive mind, it is because of you that I am nothing but resolute! 


From the depth of my being I remember the old way and I know you do too. 

That in these golden temples we forge keys of great power to transmute. 

Elders teach harmony in cyclical roots, that in taking care of the Mother we heal our own wounds. 

In the resilient hearts of First Nations people lies testament to a great truth- 

That we break free from these prisons, 

As ocean tides rise and fall with their beloved, the Moon." 




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