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May 19, 2018

"I am far away from where I was born. 

This gives me great contentment. 

I am far away from what I have scorned. 

This gives me great happiness.

I am far away from those times of great sorrow, and I know I am helping to build a better tomorrow." -words I came across in the journal I currently have with me


It does fill me with satisfaction knowing that I finally made it out of the South, not that I have quite the same disdain for it that I used to. I chose a different tomorrow and made it happen, such is life when you have intrinsic awareness of your path! Or at least, a trust that the universe's plan will prevail despite the inevitable misgiving or two. 


ABUNDANCE! We have always had what we need within us! 

So many of us are working towards creating this world in which we get to offer our true gifts to society. 


Our spirits come into this world burdened by these cumbersome bodies; I know I'm not the only one who's occasionally baffled by the textural and confusing functions of these gangly vessels.

These bodies, however, are our roots in this realm. We are given only one.

From a young age I knew this was important, I just never knew hOw important. 

Self-care--when we take care of our roots (our bodies), our spirits are able to wriggle around in a


 clean space. We're able to stay more connected with our higher selves, the universe, our guardians, and whatever else it is that sources our being. 


I am so excited to delve into some of my self-care routines, although the word routine I use loosely as it's always been a challenge to commit to consistency. Haha. 

I know this was a semi-boring blog post, and I also sort of have the flu. And I'm also sort of about to play a show in an hour, lol. Okay not sort of like I'm actually about to play. So wish me luck frineds. Much, much love til next week til I see ya with a SUPER interesting post about all things Revolution and Spirit Bear. --Shasta 


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