May 11, 2018


Hey frands. Shoutout to my resplendent vegan daffodil sister Nicole hay girl :D


So, right off then. (British accent)


As we have it, there seems to be no prosperous neutrality in this era of chaotic extremes.

As always in revolutionary times, the ones who keep silent are the ones who allow the Machine to continue raining misfortune down upon the intended under-privileged.


As always, these surreptitious elite offer illusory decadence and profligacy to those willing to pay the fee - and the costs are more than financial. 


So we can only conclude that our vocal reprisals are our main device of defense.

Any slack in the rope in this tug of war only results in gaining another foot of control over everyone on this side of the divide.

Yes. Our voices are devices of the metamorphosis of this society -- tools which we must hone every day, every moment. 

Ambivalence serves none of us. 

Not even our children -- not any longer.


Since there has been at least a facade of free speech woven throughout our society, many of us are more than willing to speak out against the system.

With the proliferation of the festival counter-culture and the growing underground human family that gathers in the name of art-sharing and resistance-bearing, we have finally discovered the global antidote.





In these realms, we trade, we connect, we share, we grow, we create. We nourish one another and the seeds of our communities. 

So that one day we may all come back and never again have to enter the society that has drained life from the ancestors of this land. 


We allow the intuitive flow to flourish, and as we gather in community, we vigorously discuss all things that need attention from the masses.


If there is any confusion, let me clear up who and what I am referring to when I say terms like "the Machine" or "the system." For these are not terms I use in a naive or conspiratorial manner.


In my childhood I had the delight of experiencing the government foster care system.

Which is BROKEN - but let's not stop there.


I have witnessed the detrimental effects of a weaponized Christianity, the roots of which justified the pain and suffering of First Nations peoples since the birth of the colonial system. 


I have experienced firsthand the havoc reeked by our pharmaceutical industry, and the ease with which corporations dehumanize and dispose of friends, elders, loved ones, and neighbors.


Upon realizing my own privilege ingrained within these historical systems, I began my journey wading through extensive research on our health care system, our food system (which purposefully pay no attention to one another), our media system, and heinous corportacracy that controls virtually every aspect of mainstream American culture. 


Currently, I work in the public school system. Needless to say, this has been indispensable experience.  

No, I didn't take out loans and play into the collegiate system to study these subjects. 

I am teaching myself through the magical power of books, ardently and fastidiously. 

For the purpose of my life's work and the activism of FeverTribe, I am determined to be as scrupulous and discerning in my knowledge of these systems. 

What do I do about it?


For now, I dedicate my personal social media accounts to various social justice movements as well as vocalize deliberate messages of Revolution into our lyrics.

Do I think this is enough? Not in the least. But I am working on building my knowledge first and in the meantime, I will be a beacon. 

And when the time is right, I will sing the loudest call to this hive-mind tribe of visionaries through my microphone. 


Thanks for reading, loves! I cannot wait for more discussion with you about all things Revolution.


--- Shasta 

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