May 4, 2018

Today though! Yes! The slight numbness of the morning morphed into the joyful simplicity of a good day with much inspiration and clarity pouring in (despite my superb confusion in my Day 2 No Coffee brain fog.)

Haha :)

I had an entire post written out yesterday within which I was barely managing to describe my ebbs and flows of this whole life experience thing. Instead I was able to switch that for this happiness I'm about to write!


On the way home from work, which first of all work was rad because I got paid to do yoga after my student left, I listened to a Ted Talk labeled "How to make stress your friend" by psychologist Kelly McGonigal. And woa! I cannot believe that after the beautiful diversity of inspirational sharing I've taken in, I have never heard anyone explain the positive aspects of stress.

She explains that how we view stress actually changes the way our body's chemistry handles it. I mean yeah, I've told myself things like this before but hearing someone else articulate it was a whole different phenomenon. 

She explains that when we are stressed, it's actually our body helping us to rise to the occasion. Stress gives us courage to handle the situation. Stress triggers oxytocin--the hormone that prompts us to reach out to others and act/react with empathy rather than disconnect.

I highly, highly recommend this lecture to you guys. This was only one of the inspirations I came upon today so I want to have a chat about others before I ramble about this one topic!


Another Ted Talk I had the joy of absorbing today was one concerning the subject of reaching our highest potential as speakers and communicators. The gentlemen who spoke of this subject had a flow chart at the end that essentially stated:

Ineffective communication + loud & distracting environment + non-listener = chaos and disconnection. Then after this slide he displayed a different flow chart:

Effective, positive, and truthful communication + purposeful & intention-driven sounds in environment + active listening = a better world? Indeed. That is another talk I highly recommend to get them good feels. It was by a man called Julian Treasure.


Last but not least for this post, I want to draw attention to an incredible female activist and speaker by the name of Luvvie Ajayi. Her talk was one of the most impactful ones I have heard recently for a variety of reasons.

She speaks of the key to our Revolution--the need for individuals to be willing to get uncomfortable in situations in which they know they need to speak out--for the betterment of humanity and our planet.

This is critical in our times, as it has been many times before in the human condition, and is no less so now.

With this heavy veil of programming of "normalcy" and "conformity," many of us are in the illusion that to say anything that causes discomfort in anyone is unacceptable. Because who really wants to be met with malicious retort or indifference? We aren't taught how to handle this rejection.


As a vegan and as a connected empath, this is something that I struggle with--when it will be effective to speak up and when it will fall off the side of a cliff never to be seen again. I think this is what Luvvie is getting at. Someone is always going to be pissed about the truth. But this does not mean we get a pass for not speaking up for justice.


As a lyrically conscious, establishment-resistant musician and social equality-seeker, this is something I must test the limits of more and more.

I do dedicate my personal social media accounts to memes, videos, and verbiage that promote veganism and other people/earth-reviving ideals, but that is not enough.

Uncomfortability is something I must one day learn to be 100% okay with.


I do not struggle with this notion because I doubt these truths we Indigos hold to be self-evident; I struggle because I understand that every person has their own timing within these revolutions. And I understand the reasons why people are the way they are.

We get the programming. We shed the layers ourselves, of course we get it. Thankfully we don't come out on the other side going "You POS you don't understand yet?"

Lol. We want to hold the hands of individuals who simply just have not yet made the connections.

Of course we want to be compassionate towards our people and not let this frustration boil us from the inside out until we all appear to be a writhing mass of indignant, hysterical maniacs.

It's incredibly difficult though. I just need to consistently wear a t-shirt around that says, "Look guys, Radical is the new Normal. Face it."

So now it's time to put our truths into practice. Luvvie says, "Before I say something I ask myself three things- Did you mean it? Can you defend it? Did you say it with love?"


Our numbers grow everyday.

In movements of community building, indigenous protection and connection, veganism and justice for all species, fighting corporate agenda, return to ritual and intention inside of our schools and homes, the dismantling of political greed and dishonest diatribe of the politicians who use the term "collective" as a means to dominate and desecrate.


For my next blog post I will really begin to delve into FeverTribe's take on the decolonization of society, my fam.


Until then, Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo. :)


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