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April 20, 2018

It is an interesting thing to be a writer. I am incredibly new to blogging so forgive me if I am like a newborn babe bumbling through the brush of the English language.



Well, because I'm random af, I caught up on life this week and watched "About Schmidt." I watched it by myself. So naturally, there was quite a bit of processing involved. First of all, Jack Nickelson's standing face is hilarious. Most likely could enjoy a chat with that guy all day.


Second of all, the movie totally exemplifies how utterly depressing the detrimental effects of a monotonous, post-colonization period life can be. Even just to witness it on-screen and realize it still happens to people.

The experiences of Jack's character were shocking because I have blocked this surface-level living from my memory.He was a decent man who had been pumped through the well-oiled pipelines of the white-washed, corporate-capitalism educational system, then became part of the loyal workforce that is the intended result of this system.

Not because we don't want other things in life, because we do.

Not because we don't want to be creative and innovative, because we do.

But because we are forced to get comfortable with this sterility and suffer it for the rest of our lives.

In the movie, Jack's character sees a commercial on tv to send money to help children in another country. He does this and at the end of the film, after writing to this child and sharing his soul, the child sends a painting back to Jack and he cries. I cried.

Delicious tears.

This little boy had a heart of gold and he sent a piece of it directly to the main character, inciting the deep emotional experience the main character needed to live his life.

Without these incremental allowances of raw and open emotion, I believe we begin to lose ourselves.

Which is why, of course, we must really begin to consult Elder Societies as a whole. We need their knowledge to come back to who we desperately crave to be.

It seems so simple that the antidote to all of our problems is the sacred communication of love. Across distances. Across time. Across culture. Across space. Traveling at the speed of light :)


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