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FeverTribe's name as a rock-based medicine music group alludes to the burning passion within so many of us to reignite our connection to our ancestral roots, community living, and the growing desire to return to a way of life that honors the natural world and its delicate systems. Committed to supporting positive social change, FeverTribe channels healing, uplifting, raw and (r)evolutionary messages into their cosmic vibrational creations.


This inspiration informs FeverTribe's creative works, as they incorporate sounds from various corners of the world while delivering consciousness-elevating vibes to the body, mind, and soul. 


FeverTribe was founded by Arkansas natives, Zin Onyx (Lead Guitar) and Shasta Moon (Lead Singer & Bassist). After their pilgrimage through California, they acquired soul brother Kevin Baumann (Percussion). In California they produced their first album, Acala Naya (meaning Earth Wisdom) in 2017. Later that year, they continued their journey, landing in Seattle, where they joined forces with Sma, a multi-instrumentalist PNW native.


As a four-piece band, they have played Seattle staples such as the iconic Skylark, Sunset Tavern, and the Mural Stage at World Rythyms Festival. They are currently working on an EP to be released in September 2018. 

Shasta Moon
Zin Onyx
Kevin Bauman
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