Few individuals experience insurmountable obstacles in their youth and subsequently find ways to overcome each and every one; emerging into a butterfly of a human with a multitude of callings for helping better the lives of those who are in similar situations. Shasta is one of those kaleidoscopes of diverse beauty that never stops finding new ways to combine attributes to surprise and thrill the senses. The calling to perform came early in her years when she realized that singing and acting were two of her favorite ways to express her creativity.


Standing on homemade stages for friends and family she poured her heart, finding comfort in these forms of self-expression. As she grew she found herself immersed in literature. Reading and writing became primary forms of inspiration and creation. When Shasta met Zin, two very different yet complementary worlds collided. A palpable form of alchemy occurred when the two voices discovered one another.


As a songwriting duo, the two found a productive balance. What one would start the other would finish and vice versa, making it easy to complete projects that had gone unfinished. A whirlwind of inspiration began to take place, as the two began to narrow down the subject matter of their projects to the most important and pressing topics of our time. World peace, sustainability, and true unbiased compassion for other forms of life were among the essential themes which launched FeverTribe into existence.

Shasta Moon

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Zin is an innovative self-taught musician who draws much of his inspiration from the musical diversity of Eastern culture and spirituality. As a youth, conforming to life within the confines of the western world was always a challenge. Finding peace of mind within this setting became an essential focus of Zin's life.


“Music has always been an integral driving force for me - it’s where I found bliss again and again, regardless of what life was throwing at me. It wasn’t until I discovered the power of sound healing and began integrating it’s elements into my songwriting that I really began to discover my true calling.” Aligning with Shasta on this project allowed them to consistently focus on channeling and discovering new lyrical flow, spinning nurturing webs of healing, both personal and outreaching. ​


Zin Onyx

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Born and raised in the foothills of Three Rivers, CA, Kevin Bauman grew up with a love for nature and the serenity that it brought. Surrounded by only mountains and sky his imagination ran like wildfire, and he strived to cultivate that fire within himself. He bought his 1st drumset at the age of 13 and instantly started playing music with his brother, who played guitar. Together they jammed with friends and even started a few bands as the years went by.


When the music paused Kevin honed his skills as a food alchemist for various establishments. He also spent a lot of days with his dog, Cloud. Together they pondered ways to make the world a better place.

In 2015 Kevin was introduced to Zin and Shasta. The duo invited him to play music with them and a band was quickly formed. A few gigs and a festival later FeverTribe was born.


Today, his love for drums transcends that of the material plane. Rhythm is a language that some learn, while others are born with an innate understanding of its ancient dialect. This language is encoded in the DNA of all of us, but those who choose to awaken it are blessed with one of the greatest gifts; the power to make people move and awaken their inner fire. And that is exactly what this wolf brings to the pack. 

Kevin Bauman

Britt is an incredibly gifted and adaptable multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and sound engineer with a degree in composition from Cornish. Currently he plays with FeverTribe and records under the moniker Anarchy.Gov. 


He was born and raised in Washington state. In adult life, meditation and yoga allowed for Britt to develop an approach to music in which one follows the imagination, wherever it may lead. 

"Deep trust can be formed between musicians who play together and realize their cohesiveness onstage.  Music provides a challenge, not only of the pursuit of skill, but making the best of opportunities and collaborating with others.  


What is the point of music? To the ego, it's a demonstration of skill. But it is much more than that. Playing music in a band, for instance, provides the opportunity to listen to others and observe the way subtle changes can affect those around you.  It allows for a healing space in which people can forget about themselves for a time and focus on creating.   

For me, music continues to bring incredible richness into my life in the form of people and experiences— memories I would never trade.  It also provides an amazing way to let go and celebrate after all the various challenges along the way."