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It is rare for a group of musicians to effortlessly coalesce into a fully formed sound storm so quickly. Individually we have traveled very different paths which lead to each other and, from that meeting, Luness was born. Based in Seattle, Luness speaks to the world from a voice that is steeped in the emerald mists of the Pacific Northwest. 


We are the product of different musical traditions and backgrounds, reaching beyond the confines of genre to create our own unique sound. Join us on our journey as we uncover and discover layers of melody and rhythm, meshing soundscapes and  experimentation with lyrical curiosity and depth. We look forward to creating this new sound with you.

The beginning of the beginning:

The Inception Sessions

As we navigate our early development - writing, composing, finding our groove as it were - we've decided to start capturing each song in a series of living room performances to both hone our collaboration and to begin sharing our music with the world. 

These videos and demo tracks are all recorded, mixed, mastered, filmed, and edited ourselves during these beginning days of creation.

PAREIDOLIA - Our second song, lyrics written by Elyse's father and then composed by the band, we were looking to evoke a dreamlike quality through the music and video by mirroring the many dynamic elements that a dream can take on.

MORNING TIDE - Our first collaboration. David sketched out the first half drums and chords inspiring Elyse and Shasta to write the lyrics and Jordan, Gabe and Nick to build a moving second half. This is where it all began.

The Band

Like many bands, the members of Luness hailed from different backgrounds, eventually finding themselves as a part the same, vibrant Seattle music community. While playing in different projects they became friends, at times co-collaborating, until fate and circumstance finally gave them the gentle nudge they needed to come together as one cohesive unit. 


From the time Shasta was very young, she always had a deep love and practice with both writing and singing. The intertwining of message and melody mesh with her passion to be a voice of the new paradigm. Along with lyrical processing of healing, personal growth and empowerment, and transmuting life lessons comes the lyrical reflection of our collective evolution of consciousness.

Vocals, Keys, Lyrics


Gabriel is a PNW native who started playing music at age 6. His musical journey started as a classical violinist until he picked up the electric guitar 10 years later. Now the bass is his main axe, and genres like funk and dub offer deep inspiration. He finds the same source of inspiration fuels both passions of dance and music. As a musician, dancers embody the music, providing immediate feedback and influence to the musicians. The performance and participation becomes one and the same. 

Bass, Electronics


Born in the hills and hollows of Appalachia, Jordan was always surrounded by music, so it was only a matter of time before he picked up one instrument after another to learn the language of the muses. Soon thereafter, he began to feel the call of the wild leading him out and onto the road to adventure to the west coast where he eventually landed in Cascadia to begin cocreating with likeminds of the moon…

Vocals, Guitars, Lyrics


David likes to write. And design. And photograph. And film. And...y'know what...let's just say David loves to create and make stuff. And his favorite creations are musical, starting as a percussionist and moving on to drums and then electronics and then producing get the point. He's our Swiss Army Knife. Gradually becoming a multi-instrumentalist, his goal now is to move past genre and focus on matching sounds and rhythms into anything that simply moves people.

Drums, Electronics, Production


Some of Elyse’s first memories are of sitting on her grandmothers organ, singing while her father accompanied. As she matured into a woman she explored her musical abilities while cultivating relationships with the native species of the land of lakes.

As she grew older and began to travel her musical taste was quickly influenced by foreign lands.  Weaving poetry and intention into her songs, Elyse channels empathetic messages with healing vibrations of her voice.

Vocals, Keys, Lyrics


Nick is a community mental health counselor who has spent the past 20 years helping homeless and disabled adults get back on their feet. He plays cello every day to find out where his heart is in the midst of the technical maelstrom of city life. He is a dedicated accompanist and a lover of low, woody tones that permit higher voices to rise and cohere. He improvises frequently with DJ sets, yoga instructors, other musicians and sound healers.

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